Oakland County Business Law Attorney

At Dovitz Law Offices in Michigan, we have more than 30 years of experience navigating the many complexities concerning business and corporation formation, planning, financing and litigation.our business planning attorney is prepared to assist businesses across Oakland County and beyond.

Dovitz Law Offices counsels local entrepreneurs and national corporations on the formation of businesses, the buying and selling of businesses, negotiating and drafting contracts, financing and many other business-related matters. In addition, Dovitz Law Offices represents these businesses in litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters.

Oakland County business law attorney Clifford Dovitz offers experienced, personalized service in the following areas:

  • Forming a business: We assist experienced business owners and entrepreneurs with the formalities and logistics of the process. We can assist in evaluating, planning and navigating the framework so you can move forward successfully.
  • Business planning and financing: Our law firm counsels clients on forming and implementing a business plan and advising on financial needs. This can include choosing Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, private investors and bank commercial loans.
  • Business and commercial transactions or disputes: As in our real estate practice, we lead our clients through a wide variety of transactions and disputes.

Clifford Dovitz has owned a number of businesses. In his capacity as a business owner, he has worked as a real estate developer, builder, property manager and broker. This experience gives him concrete knowledge as to the legal concerns businesses of all sizes face. With his extensive legal and business experience, he is able to develop solutions that achieve a company’s legal and business goals.

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